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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Food Network Competitions - "Chopped" Should be Stopped

I usually enjoy watching the Food Network programs that feature a chef personality cooking.  I learn something and get new ideas, but these competition shows are getting on my nerves.  Cupcake Wars and the like are pretty ridiculous.  Chopped is the worst.  The premise is simple, the professional chef contestants get a basket of several odd ingredients and must whip something up in 30 minutes and serve it to a panel of snooty judges.  It's similar to Iron Chef but the ingredients are more peculiar and there's little chance of making restaurant quality fare.  After several rounds, one chef wins $10,000 for producing the least offensive concoctions.

I really was horrified to see one poor female contestant open her basket containing a rattlesnake.  It was skinned and beheaded but a shocker to her and myself.  She recoiled in horror, shaking, unable, for a bit, to gather her thoughts and handle the snake, losing valuable time. You could tell she wanted to run off the set and was on the verge of tears.  The snooty judges pronounced her dish "terrible".  Well, it's exactly what they deserved if you ask me. How often do you see rattlesnake on a menu.  Those things will kill you! In my state, surprising someone with a rattlesnake is called "Redneck Justice" not a cooking ingredient. My husband claims to have eaten rattlesnake at camp when he was a kid and I'm sure certain cultures find snake acceptable but, I do not.  I thought it was a dirty trick and  rushed to my computer to protest on their web site but there's no "Contact Us" to click onto. So, I'm chopping Chopped from my TV viewing.

I keep a pretty well stocked larder and frig but, occasionally, I'm faced with what can I make out of what's available.  Coming back home from a two week trip at midnight and scrounging around in the kitchen can present a challenge.  More likely, I spot several items that are about to go bad and try to use them in something creative (see my Banana-Peach Bread), and that's kind of fun.  I made zucchini boats last night with prosciutto, bread crumbs and Parmesan because all those items had been in the frig long enough. Drizzle with a little olive oil - not bad. Who can afford to waste food these days?

Come on Food Network, show us something better!

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