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I have been cooking my way through life for over 50 years, beginning with mud pies as a child. I've turned a corner now and feel a Renaissance in my life. Recipes and Random Thoughts is my personal spin in a blog about how to prepare good food and how it prepares you for life. I want to share with you, honest to goodness food punctuated with perspective from the special memories and moments that have marked my journey.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January is the Cruelest Month

The last crumbs and pine needles of Christmas have been swept away and I'm examining a gift I received that measures daily steps and calories.  It's suppose to assist me in living a better lifestyle. The magazine headlines are filled with words like, "healthy", "detox", and "recharge".  Women used to receive mink coats and jewelry at Christmas, now it's workout attire and Fitbits. Here we go again; the aftermath of the holidays as we switch gears from riches to caloric poverty.  I've completed the grim task of ridding the refrigerator of remnants of bread pudding, ice cream and pate'. I've grudgingly donated the chocolate covered pretzels, cake and nuts to my housekeeper's grandchildren.  I've just purchased skim milk rather than whole and talked myself slowly into the salmon I haven't missed for the last few weeks.

I ask myself, do I really want to cook or look like Ina?  She has a pretty face but sacrificed her body to a career in the kitchen.  I'd love to test recipes all day too but hasn't she heard of heart disease?  Didn't Paula Deen develop diabetes?  Giada looks great though. I bet the only time she eats is when she's filming her show.  Just a few bites and she's done for the day.  Maybe they yell "Cut" and she spits it out.

What a strange curse food is.  Being a good cook has become a danger to your health. Sugar is bad for you but kale is good for you.  Now come on, which tastes better?  Wine takes the edge out of the day and they say "life is short, eat dessert first" but we are suppose to run until we need hip and knee replacements and exercise in misery with "no pain, no gain" in our heads.  Near starvation diets have been proven to extend the life of lab rats.  Are people signing up for that?  I did actually sign myself up for both yoga and pie classes; does one cancel out the other? I hear people say they've given up red meat, alcohol and gone gluten free. I'm more likely to give in than give up anything.

To be honest, I've lived on both sides of the aisle more than once.  Exercise and diet; fine wine and food - been there, done that.  I've whittled myself down with single minded self discipline, tortuous exercise and diet only to let it slide away like someone buttered my bottom.  I just can't find the same reward in sweating as I do in baking bread.  I've reached that age where men aren't looking anymore and the benefit for all that sweat and self denial is health and longevity. Not a bad aim but lacking meaning until you've had your first heart attack or your blood sugar is too high.  I know all the numbers, it's very simple - calories in calories out.  So I'm strapping on the Fitbit I asked Santa for while the sugarplums are still dancing in my head and heading for the gym to fight the battle again.  I expect to lose by mid-January or lose some weight.  We'll see who wins this time.

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